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Trade-In Value Calculator

If you’re looking for a new or used car to improve your commute from Biloxi to Gulfport, you probably have a lot of questions. You might be asking, “Should I trade in my car to a dealership?” or even “Should I sell my car on my own?” INFINITI of South Mississippi is here with the trade-in tips and tricks you need to upgrade with ease. While you can sell your own car, trading to a dealership is a smooth and simple process. Learn more about our trade-in value calculator and get the answer to the question, “How do I sell my car?” with us below!

How to Sell My Car

If you’re learning about trading a car for the first time, you might not know how to take on the process. Follow these simple steps:

  • Once you’ve used our trade-in value calculator, explore our inventory with your revised budget to find a vehicle that matches your needs.
  • If the value of your trade-in doesn’t cover the cost of your upgrade, you can work with our financiers to establish a favorable loan deal.
  • While it may seem tricky to trade a car with an outstanding loan balance, our team can give you the information you need to make a wise, informed decision.
  • When you’re ready to sell, visit us in D'Iberville with your title, auto loan payoff information, registration, and key. From there, we’ll inspect your vehicle and finalize our offer!

What Perks Can I Expect When I Trade in My Car to a Dealership?

When it comes time to sell your vehicle, you’ll need to decide if you want to try your hand at selling on the private market or if you prefer to trade with a dealership. When you sell your car on your own, you’ll have to navigate a number of challenges. You’ll need to photograph your vehicle, set a fair price, advertise the sale, screen customers, take buyers on test drives, negotiate, and handle all of the paperwork. Not to mention that this process can play out over the course of weeks or months.

When you trade at a dealership, on the other hand. You’ll get a fair offer the very same day! You can walk into our dealership with your vehicle and put your feet up while we handle the logistics. We’ll present you with a fair offer and take your car off your hands. It really is that simple!

Trade-In Your Car at INFINITI of South Mississippi

Now that you can answer questions like “Should I trade in my car to a dealership?” you can plan for your automotive future. Our team is standing by to help you score a great trade offer on your current vehicle. If you’re looking for more guidance, you can stop by our dealership or review our shopping tips!